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Let it Snow…post from Manhattan

fireI’m sitting in the comforts of friendship. The fire is glowing. The conversation lulls only when knowing silence takes over. She is a delicious cook. I am an enthusiastic diner. And the snow is DUMPING.  Everything in this purple college town has been cancelled, closed, and covered in white.  The grocery store shelves are so bare that even the frozen bagels are gone.  Yes, it is a snow day on the Konza prairie.

I’m in Manhattan, Kansas and I always laugh at the irony of the name. Manhattan Kansas is far different from Manhattan, NY…but I love it here! This is my third visit to see a dear friend who moved from Muncie 5 years ago. Last February I came to do some CAbi work and met an adorable and sweet woman who has become a co-worker and friend. So, I’m visiting my “old” friend and my new friend and my heart is full.

Several people have asked why I’m on this trip? Why am I taking 4 days away from home, driving alone in a ridiculously long straight line west?  I have had to pause to think about my answer which is very unlike me since I usually have an over-analyzed reason for everything I do! I can’t say I’m here on official work business. I’m not here to celebrate any big event of life. I’m not here with any other strung out friends in need of a mommy-break.

I am here to be here. That’s it. I want to meet the husband and kids I haven’t met yet. I want to hear about the new adventures of a family I’ve known for many years. I want to sit on the couch and talk about everything and nothing. I want to BE here. I can hear about the supportive sweetness of a husband, kids graduating out of braces, kids graduating out of high school, new chandeliers, and Pinterest projects. But, for the cost of only 11 hours one way on Interstate 70, I can see and hug and hear the sights and sounds of family life in Manhattan. And, for old friends and new, that matters to me. In relationships, it is important to be.

There is something about a snow day that causes all of us to slow down. In a weird way, we look forward to a blizzard now and then for permission to just be. I wonder why we don’t feel that permission in the busy and chaotic days of routine? I’m not sure…but I can say that I’m reminded that being is a very important part of friendship and family. Lesson reflected on today is take time to be…with or without the blizzard.

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