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Fit440 (Fit For Forty)

Fit440 is a new category in this site dedicated to blogging my progress toward being fit, strong, and healthier than ever in my 40s. Considering I have never been fit, strong, or an athlete of any kind, this really isn’t saying too much. Fifteen to twenty extra pounds have haunted me most of my life, sparing a few years after college and before babies. Anyway, this isn’t about being thin. It’s about being fit. I’ve really neglected my health during my 30s and I don’t like where it has taken me. I don’t exercise regularly. I don’t eat very healthy meals. And, we all know I’m addicted to diet coke. So….over the next few weeks, months, and years I’m going to stop this trajectory and go for a healthy future. Why not be in better shape and healthier at 40 than 30? As with everything in this blog….it just helps me to write about it. I’d love to have you join me for mutual encouragement!

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