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My first WOD.

crossfit 5.22.13

May 22nd……or 37 years, 4 months,  &22 days as I’ve come to think about my countdown to being more fit at 40 than 30.  Of course, I hope it doesn’t take me 2+ years to accomplish this!  But instead of my typical mindset wanting instant results (or at least to lose 10 pounds after two workouts), setting my sights ‘down the road’ is healthy for me.  It is good perspective and a reminder that I intend to stick with this journey. 


I did my first WOD (workout of the day) with some of the Arsenal folks this morning at 5:30am, a time on the clock I despise.  Because our gym is not open yet, we are using another place in Muncie and have to be done before it opens!  It was a team challenge to 1000 reps consisting of 400 squats, 300 box jumps, 200 push ups, and 100 ramp sprints.  We had 4 women on my team verses two teams of three men.  Our team ‘won’ the challenge with 17:16 finish. And we even had to wear our shirts the whole time.  We laughed as one by one the men’s teams were losing their t-shirts.  Wimps.   


Was it fun?  Hmmm……even though my quads are begging to differ, I would have to answer yes.  Not eat chocolate birthday cake and go shopping with friends type of fun, but fun nonetheless.  It was fun to workout with 10 people of various fitness levels, ages, and abilities.  It was fun to arrive before dawn and beat the sun to work today.  It was fun to cheer others on and to be cheered on.  It was fun to finish and realize that despite feeling nervous that I would let my team down, we did it together.  It was fun to walk into the house feeling proud of what I did. 


We leave for 11 days of vacation tomorrow!  So…no Crossfit WOD for me for awhile.  My goal is to do 50 pushups every day on vacation because that was my weakest contribution today.  Well, that and sprinting…but not sure I can sprint on a crowded cruise ship without knocking Mickey Mouse over!  When I get back, our new gym will be very close to finished!  Grand opening is June 21st and it will be an open to the public party.  I’m proud of BJ McKay for his vision and John Hill for his commitment to the workouts. 

I promise to not only blog about Crossfit.  I’m actually working on something else now too…but I want to document this process and thought my first ever WOD deserved a post. 

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