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Meet Jennifer

MeFull Name:  Jennifer Diane Davis Stanley

NickName:  My Dad started calling me “JD” in high school and my college friends (plus Kat) still call do!

Husband:  Married to Casey since April 8, 2000

Kids:  Anna (2003) and John (2006)

Dog:  Merlin, the best golden retriever in the entire universe.

Home:  Muncie, IN

Education:  Kindergarten through 12th grade at Cowan in Muncie, IN.  College degree in Music Education and performance from Butler University in Indianapolis.

Employment:  Independent Consultant for CAbi (Carol Anderson By Invitation) since January 2011.

Other Work Experience:  I’ve been a worship leader in 3 churches over the span of 15 years.  I’ve recorded music and toured as a singer/songwriter.  I’ve worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines as an entertainer in the musical productions.  I’ve worked in customer service for a Choir Apparal company.  I attempted to be a waitress but that didn’t work out very well.  And I once was a hostess at Red Lobster.

Favorite Color:  Purple, since I was 8 years old.

Favorite Food:  Pizza and Diet Coke.

Favorite things to do:  Reading.  Writing.  Teaching.  Deep Conversations.  Family Dinners.  Vacations.

Dreams:  My biggest dream for myself is to embrace the love of God and live a dusty, courageous, and generous life.  I pray I have the privilege of inviting others to do the same.

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